Epic Fail

Even bigger news: if you loved EPIC FAIL, check out THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING, new from HarperTeen!

Big news: if you read EPIC FAIL and are craving just a little bit more, check out this brand new chapter in honor of Valentine’s Day!  Elise and Derek, together again . . .

My first YA novel is out and the reviews are . . .  well, judge for yourself:

“Epic Fail, Claie LaZebnik’s YA debut is a Pride and Prejudice inspired bit of super cute, enjoyable fun.”  Read more at The Book Splot.

“This re-telling of Pride and Prejudice is a definite must read. It’s fun, flirty and flat out hilarious at times.”  Read more at Books Complete Me.

Epic Fail is a perfect, cute read for the summer and I’m sure you won’t want to miss out on reading it!”  Read more at Midnight Bloom Reads.

“If you’re looking for a quick, fun, lighthearted read, then I suggest picking up Claire LaZebnik’s Epic Fail.”  Read more at GReads.

“Claire LaZebnik joined the YA genre with a bang! Epic Fail was an Epic Win.”  Read more at The Crazy Bookworm.

And, you know, so on . . .

My thanks to all these kind and supportive book bloggers!  Click on the link for me, stay for the great reviews.

And here’s the book synopsis:


• As the son of Hollywood royalty, Derek Edwards is pretty much prince of the school—not that he deigns to acknowledge many of his loyal subjects.

• As the daughter of the new principal, new-girl-on-campus Elise Benton isn’t exactly on everyone’s must-sit-next-to-at-lunch list.

When Elise’s beautiful sister catches the eye of the prince’s best friend, Elise gets to spend a lot of time with Derek, making her the envy of every girl. Except she refuses to fall for any of his rare smiles and instead warms up to his enemy, the surprisingly charming social outcast Webster Grant. But in this hilarious tale of fitting in and flirting, not all snubs are undeserved, not all celebrity brats are bratty, and pride and prejudice can get in the way of true love for only so long. Fans of Susane Colasanti (When It Happens), Polly Shulman (Enthusiasm), and, of course, Jane Austen will love finding out if Elise’s love life will be an epic win or an epic fail.


325 responses to “Epic Fail

  1. I want to read this SO badly!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m so glad! It really should be in stores in the very near future!

  3. Anonymous

    I CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT!!!!……♥

  4. Claire

    Just a few more weeks!

  5. Jocelyn

    Read it!! LOVED IT!!!!

  6. Aubrey

    I loved this book!

  7. KeKe D.


  8. Claire

    I am so glad you guys are liking it! And thanks for bringing me to this page with your comments–it’s out of date!

  9. Claire


  10. Claire

    um… btw my name is also Claire!

  11. Claire

    Hi, Claire! We have a good name, don’t we? It’s good your whole life–it’s cute for a little girl and it’s great for an adult woman. And no one can give you a nickname without your permission (my mother was a Cynthia who HATED being called Cindy but people did it anyway). I’m so glad you liked EPIC FAIL. I have a similar novel coming out next fall–not a sequel, but if you liked this, I think you’ll like that one.

  12. seriously one of the best books i have ever read I love the characters and the story line. Please keep writing books targeted to teens!

  13. Hailey Serna

    Please do a sequel, or what is the name of the other book that it similar ?

  14. Claire

    Thanks, Emma and Hailey! My next YA book should be out in fall, 2012, if all goes well. More details to follow . . .

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  16. Anonymous

    honestly one of the cutest books i’ve ever read, PLEASEEE write more YA romance books 🙂

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  18. Anonymous

    I finished reading Epic Fail at midnight last night and loved it! Great characters and plot–liked everything about it. Anxious to read your next YA book!

  19. Claire


  20. April

    Love the book. I am 14 and its really good i love derek. 🙂

  21. Heather

    I really liked Epic Fail. You made me really feel in touch Elise, made me think, and made me care about the characters. I think that I would enjoy more YA books from you 🙂

  22. Claire

    Thanks! I’m working hard on one right now.

  23. Anonymous

    I did not read it yet, but once I get my new kindle (the other one broke, thank god for one year warranty) first thing I am going to get. ❤

  24. Anonymous

    ^^^^same person as above….I AM EXCITED!!!

  25. Claire

    Thanks, anonymous! Hope your Kindle works better the second time around. 🙂

  26. Jade

    I don’t usually buy books but this book was definitely worth it!! I will surely be on the lookout for your next book, good luck!

    P.S. where can I meet a guy like Derek Edwards?!

  27. Claire

    Thanks, Jade. As for finding a guy like Derek Edwards . . . hmmm. Sadly, he’s fictional. But I can tell you from firsthand experience, there ARE some good guys out there! I promise.

  28. Arndís

    I LOVED IT, will there be by any change a sequel ?

  29. Claire

    Not a sequel–at least not planned–but another novel coming out in a year or so that I hope you’ll enjoy equally!

  30. Taylor

    Great book! One of my favorites for sure!

  31. OMG i love this book…… it is really good and you can really feel the emotion

  32. Amanda

    absolutely terrific!!! loved it from the start!! great job!

  33. Dani

    Amazing, amazing book!!! I absolutely LOVED Elise and Derek – their personalities meshed so well together! I can’t wait for the next novel. I’ll definitely look out for it! (I did a book talk on it for my english class…I complimented this book like crazy so hopefully others shall read it =])

  34. Claire

    Thank you so much, Dani! That’s terrific.

  35. I LOVED EPIC FAIL! Can you please write a sequel??

  36. Gene Tuck

    Dear Author,
    Just a note to tell you how much I really enjoyed Epic Fail. I got the book through the Book Perk site along with a copy of Pride and Prejudice. Thanks so much for this offer. I’ve been a Jane Austen fan for decades and Epic Fail did justice to P&P, in my view. I’m not your usual demographic, being 72, married with two grown daughters, but I’m not senile and know a good story and appreciate great homage to the master (mistress?). I’ve read many “continuations” of her novels, most set in their original times but none like yours, updated. It was pure genius to choose a ritzy private girls’ school in LA for the setting. My only criticism: it was too short! Thanks for a funny and often-wise read.

  37. Gene Tuck

    Dear Author,
    Sorry I mischaracterized the setting for Epic Fail. It wasn’t a ritzy private girls’ school; it was ritzy private co-ed high school. Much more fun that way. Must have been a “senior” moment for me to make that mistake in my earllier post. Gene

  38. Claire

    Thanks so much, Gene! I’m so glad you liked it–and really thrilled that the Book Perk thing brought me a new reader!

  39. Nicole

    this is one of the best books ive ever read. i chose this book to be my book report book and i could not put it down!

  40. Zahra

    Wow. This book was one of those that I couldn’t put down! I loved that it was a more modern tale which is something a lot of teens like right now. I woul love a sequel in the future but I’m also looking forward to future novels that I hope provide me with the same feeling this novel gave me! Great job

  41. Anonymous

    Three words.
    I bought Epic Fail for my birthday and read it at my Grandma’s dinner party, and when I got home, read till 2 in the morning. I am officially hooked to your writing! I want to read it again and again. It was so hard for me to put the book down (even while I was cleaning). I love all the characters so much! Except for Webster and Chelsea and Layla…(: When you release your next one I’ll be the first to buy it! Guaranteed. If you write a saga to epic fail though, I’ll buy it right away! Amazing job! God bless you(:

  42. Claire

    Wow, what a wonderful note to get on a beautiful Sunday morning! Thank you so much!

  43. Allison LAne

    This was an amazing story. I absolutely love Derek, and hope you write some sort of sequel!

  44. Allison


  45. Just finished this book! I picked it up because I absolutely love Jane Austen and I found your take on P&P to be so fresh and a wonderful read! (Though I did miss Mary and the comedy of Mr. Collins.) Derek was wonderful – a perfect blend of Mr. Darcy and the modern era (and some just plain “Aw!” moments 😉 ) – and Elise was as well. This was a perfect example of what a young adult romance should be and I can’t wait to read your other novels, now that I know how much I enjoy your novels.
    Thanks so much for writing a wonderful book! 🙂

  46. Katrina

    LOVED this book, I read it in only a day and a half. Out of all of the books I have read this would definetly be number one. I love your writing, Claire LaZebnik. One day I hope to be as good a writer as you. You are my inspiration. Please, please, please, write a sequel.

  47. Claire

    Wow, all of these comments are making me so happy! Thank you all for taking the time to let me know you’ve enjoyed EPIC FAIL. I just delivered another YA novel to my editor–it should be out in around a year . . . This makes me want to write more and more and more! xoxoxo

  48. My daughter just finished EPIC FAIL (in less than 24hrs) and we came here immediately to hunt up your backlist. She’s crushed there are no other YAs to glom, but be certain we’ll be buying all future books.

    Thanks for keeping my daughter’s nose in a book!

  49. Maya

    Read it..Loved it… OBSESSED WITH IT!!!!!! ❤ 🙂

  50. Claire

    That’s the perfect review, Maya! Thanks!

  51. Mariee

    oooh this book is sooo good 🙂 i lovee it! finished it in 2 days.

  52. Isabella

    OMG! I LOVE this book sooo much. I finished it in less than 24 hours! I could not let go. I literally spent the whole entire day reading this book! Please, PLEASE make a sequel. I think I’ll die if I never get to read about Elise and Derek again. OMG I’m starting to cry just thinking about it. Love it. My favorite book ever!

  53. Claire

    THANK YOU, Isabella! I promise more romance in the future–maybe not with Derek and Elise, but something satisfying . . .

  54. kelly

    CAN YOU PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST BOOK IVE READ IN AGES!!!! i feel like I’ve been friends with the Benton girls for my entire life and I want to see more of Elise and Derek as a couple. so PLEEAAAASSSSS write another!

  55. Claire Huggins

    I LOVE THIS BOOK and I wish they would make a sequal about maybe Derek going to college and their relationship continuing…. But anyway THIS BOOK IS AMAZING

  56. Amber

    This looks like a really great book! I want to read this because well I’m a big book worm and my nose is always in a book!:)

  57. Hi, Claire! 🙂 I think you should make a movie out of this book. I finished it today and I L-O-V-E-D it! You should make a movie of it and more future books of Epic Fail. – Tootsie

  58. Kourtney

    I love Epic Fail sooo much. I got it on my birthday. I didn’t feel like eating cake but I felt like reading Epic Fail because I love books. When I was finished I wanted more Epic Fail books. I’d have to agree with Tootsie you should make a movie out of Epic Fail. The only weird thing is. . . My friends name is Georgia. Now my little sister shes 12 is reading out, and I’m kinda of worried because theirs cuss words but, I think she’ll get use to it. Just hope so.

  59. Claire

    Did you just say you liked EPIC FAIL more than cake, Kourtney? Now that’s a compliment that means a lot to me, personally, since I love cake! Thank you so much! Sorry about the cuss words–I tried not to use too many.

  60. Tiffany

    Epic Fail is like one of the BESTEST books out of all my other books, I’d have to admit.

  61. Keisha

    EPIC FAIL is my all time favorite book. Nice work, Claire! 😀

  62. Piper

    Hi Claire! 🙂 I finished Epic Fail today and it was Fantastic and Interesting. I can really relate to Elise for so many things. When I began reading Epic Fail I didn’t want to drop the book down. I traveled everywhere with that book. Bedroom, dinner, living room, and school. I LOVED it sooooooo much. I read it like 5 times already and I just keep loving it even more. Claire you are now my idol. I wanna become an author just like you. Pretty, smart, creative, talented, and generous. 😛 Can’t wait to get new books from you! 😀 – xoxo Piper ♥

  63. Claire

    Piper, that comment has made me smile all day long! I don’t think I deserve all those compliments, but thank you for them and I’m SO glad you like EPIC FAIL that much!

  64. Anonymous

    Best book ever. It was such a page turner. Absolutely loved it!!!! ❤

  65. Nina

    Best book I have ever read (besides the Hunger Games)! I finished it in less than a day and is one of the few books i would actually read again! As I read this in my mind I can only imagine as being a movie so I hope in the near future it is!

  66. Claire

    Nina, Hunger Games is my favorite book in the world (well, favorite one written in the last decade) so that means a lot to me!

  67. Jillian

    Hi Claire, I’m one of Nina’s friends and she ran up to me at school and begged me to read it and when I did, one word: AMAZING! I could not put it down I mean the action between Derek and Elisa was so real I felt like it was happening right in front of me! The book just felt so until my sister walked in and asked why I was smiling and giggling so much!(that was embarrassing) But yeah Nina and read everything together and honestly right now she is reading it for a 3rd time! Love your book and even after I finished it, I would still just think of the endless things that could go on in the book and what would happen next! Also I loved the Hunger Games just as much as I did this book, but maybe even more considering the fact that I, but mainly Nina too are suckers for a good romance story, but surprisingly we don’t like Nicholas Sparks considering the fact we like happy books that involve romance and the fact that someone always dies is a total bummer like in A Walk To Remember, sweet but so so so sad! Anyways love your book!

  68. Bridget

    I remember when my sister and I use to take turns reading this book. Even though, we read separately but, somethings we read it together. We both enjoyed it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo x 1,000,000,000 MUCH! I always got ahead of her but, she catches up to me real fast. We both could relate to Elise just like Piper but, I’m not sure about “so many ways”. This book was such a page turner. Even though, I liked sharing I still had to put down the book so my sister could read it and that’s what I really hated about sharing. I was NON-STOP reading. So, if you every see with a book named “EPIC FAIL” you could never see my face because I’m so into the book. Claire, one HUGE favor, could you make EPIC FAIL into a movie. I’d be so happy. If it was in theaters and I didn’t have a enough tickets to see the movie I would have begged the register to death to give me tickets to go in. Can’t wait to get new books from you! 🙂

  69. Claire

    Thanks, Bridget! I would love to see this made into a movie–I just dropped a gentle hint to a couple of Hollywood agents. But I don’t have the power to get it made! Thanks for your wonderful note.

  70. Anonymous

    Absolutely, totally loved it! You are a great writer, and I hope you keep writing more in the future.



  71. My friend gave me this book telling me
    I had to read it. I stay up last night (A school night) just to read it ! I loved it ! I can’t wait to read your other books !

  72. Claire

    I’m so glad! I love ruining someone’s sleep!

  73. Catherine

    Wow Claire, you have a TON of comments. And you deserve each and everyone of them. I picked up your book and began reading it around 11p.m. last night, I didn’t stop until I had finished which btw was around 4a.m. I have been tired all day, but it was SOOO worth it, please,please,please,please write a sequel-it would seriously become the second best book ever (after Epic Fail). I can’t wait to read your next ya book-2012 cant come soon enough. Can you at least consider writing aa sequel to Epic Fail-for all your adoring fans?? 🙂 I hope you have happy writing days and holidays!! Thank you for writing the greatest book I have ever read in the past year!!

  74. Claire

    Thanks for your lovely note, Catherine! Get some sleep and I’ll keep working on this next novel–due out next winter. I’m so glad you liked Epic Fail so much!

  75. I love this book a lot and find that the romance is interesting I like the fued between Webster Grant and Derek Edwards i have to say when I read chapter 18 it was a shock to see how cruel Webster was.

  76. Elise

    ohmigod.. im so jealous of everyone who has read this.. I haven’t read it but i really want to 😦 If any of you are from Singapore and you have read it, could you please tell me where to buy it.. PLEASEEE?!
    Claire, on your future books, could you please sell them worldwide? Including in singapore? Please? Really can’t wait to read Epic Fail. If you found it online, please, please tell me 🙂


  77. Nahima

    My bestfriend had this book in her desk soo I picked it up an started toread it….I read it all in one day amazing loved the characters and the story and I wanted more I wat to know what happens after when he goes to college…..definetly loving the book I recomend it to everyone

  78. Deanne

    I loved the book!! it made me start to love reading again!!! i love the book and i cant stop thinking and talking about it :D! love love love 🙂 i used the word “love” 3 times just to show that i ❤ it 🙂

  79. I LOVED IT. I really think you should write sequel!! I love this book, I read it in a day I was so into it! 🙂

  80. autumn

    Hello ! My name is Autumn ! Well first off i loved your book epic fail BY FAR !!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a sequeal !!!! With an epilogue of how it turns out !!! Im SOOOOO begging u !!!!! We all know you can write an awesome book so please write another !!! PLEASE !!! ❤ P.S. LOVED EPIC FAIL WILL LOVE THE SEQUEAL !!! Plus !!! Call it EPIC WIN ??? IDK
    XOXO, Autumn !

  81. Claire

    Thank you all for the lovely comments! Elise, I’m sorry it’s not available in Singapore! Believe me, i would love to see the book sold everywhere! I’m glad so many people have fallen in love with Elise and Derek (especially Derek). I love them too!

  82. Anonymous

    This reminded me of Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg!!!

  83. Gabbi

    OMG! I seriously loved this book soo much just bought it two days ago and I finished it yesterday. But I keep reading over it again and again. I loved it. Please keep writing more romance books like this because I love how complicated it is to figure out Derek’s character, and I love how the romance is still mixed in with the huge rush of action with Webster and his ..creeper ness..lol!! I cant wait to read your other books :)) Thank you!!

  84. callie

    omg book was epic!!!!

  85. Kristina

    We need a sequel, Claire! 😀 I loved this book so much! I got into it really well, and well…. IT WAS AMAZING! I keep rereading it… SEQUEL PLEASE! 😀
    It would be an Epic Fail if you didn’t… O.O
    Oh, the irony… 😀

  86. Sasha

    Can you please write a sequeal. I love this book soooooo much. It’s my new favorite book 🙂

  87. Anonymous

    I’ve been reading all these comments and I;m amazed, You all make me want 2 read it.

  88. Anonymous

    AHHH CLAIRE THEEE BEST BOOK EVER!!! And I don’t believe there were many curse words, right? Thats life! I’m so into all these romantic books and I cant stop reading them. Wish there were some boys out there like the ones in the books! Thank you so much for giving me the chance to read this absolutely amazing book! … P.s Keep writing 😀

  89. Anonymous

    Best book ever!

  90. Kiki

    Claire, you are the writer of all writers. i can’t wait for the new sequael. love you and your writing the first word i read!

  91. Kelsey Pingrey

    So I was at the library over my Christmas break and I was looking at books to take home I randomly saw this one (it being the only white one on the shelf) and read the back, it sounded good so i put it in my stack of books when I was leaving I realized I had a couple to many books and I started to put them away and I came to that one and I started to put it away but I couldn’t so when I went home that was one of the first books I read and it was amazing and I finished it that night then the next morning I bought it to school and read it again then I even brought it to work (Iwork at Chick Fil A so not much reading time lol) and on the way home from work my mom asked me what it was about and I told her the whole thing and she’s like how do you know the ending and I said I already read it yesterday and she’s like then why are you reading it again and I said because I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

  92. Claire

    That’s so great to hear, Kelsey! I’m really pleased and touched.

  93. Brianna g

    Ok.. I am obsessed with this book!!! Can you please write a second book about these characters!!! How Georgia is back and Derek is going to collage!! Please please I would be soooooooo happy!!! Please!!!

  94. Claire

    Thanks, Brianna! Don’t know if I’ll be writing a sequel but I DID write an extra romantic scene that will be on a blog soon–will post with more info as we get closer to the date.

  95. Molly

    Such a good book. Please please please write more YA novels, you are just so good at it not to.

  96. Claire

    I got a sneak preview of the cover of the next one and it’s really cute! Can’t wait until I can share it . . .

  97. Anonymous

    im only on capter 3 and im already in love!!!!! 😀

  98. Sydney

    Honestly the best book of all time 🙂 so cute

  99. krizzia

    This book is fantastic you’ll get hooked in reading every chapter. I’m only on Chapter 16 but I’m sooooooooo “KILIG”-(kilig is that shivery, fuzzy, chilling [positive] feeling that you get when you’re “in love” or infatuated.) I even made a page on Facebook to inform everyone about this book ^_^

  100. Anna :D

    this book i the best book i have EVER read. PLEASE write more books like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never read but when i got this book i read nonstop untill 3 in the moring untill i finished it. I LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH ❤

  101. krizzia

    I wish this book has part 2. i love it so much ! ❤

  102. Sabrina

    I love this book soooo much, it is LIFE, like legit! YOU HAVE TO WRITE A SEQUAL!! I MUST NO MORE!!!!!! pleasee pleaseee pleasee pleassee!! I love it!!!<3

  103. Anonymous


  104. Claire

    You guys are the best. I love these comments! Thank you!

  105. Lauren

    I have been waiting since I finished the book in Nov. 2011 for you to respond so I checked back today and noticed i didn’t leave my right email. 🙂
    Silly me. Anyways, I just want to tell you agin what an amazing book it was and I have recommended it to a few of my friends and they all agree it was an amazing book, hope you have been thinking of a sequel. I personally love how you are talking to your audience. Great Job!
    Thanks again for writing an amazing book.

  106. Anonymous

    Hi Claire! My name is Sarah, I totally enjoyed this book it was amazing! 😀 And I really think you should write a sequel..I know you said you aren’t BUT please please think about it! .. I’m obsessed with these teen romance books so keep writing! When is you next book out? EPIC FAIL WAS AN EPIC WIN! xoxo

  107. Frances

    Greetings Claire. 🙂 How are you? Hopefully, great. I remember getting this book on October 19 which was my birthday that I shared with my cousin. After opening all the presents and cake, I went into my room and predicted what the book would be about. So, I began reading up to page 21, and I had already loved the book. So, after October 19, I began reading it again and I made it to page 37. This book is a page turner. I’m so addicted to reading your books. They just remind of real life events that could happen with peoples lives. Your amazingly an awesome author. I wish I was just like you. But, sadly I’m not that creative and talented. Right now, I’m already done with the book and I’m begging my cousin to read this book so, it could be passed down to generation and to generation. Your book will never get old to me. I never really liked books until, you made Epic Fail. I think you should make an book called Epic Fail 2. But, the older version of Elise and Derek. I would love to read another book of Epic Fail. 🙂 – Frances Lee Vain xoxo

  108. Lianne

    HELLO! I just read your book! its really good. i finished it like in a few hours. its so addicting. HAVE A SEQUEL!

  109. Claire

    So glad you liked it–check out the new chapter I wrote. It’s fun. http://readmebookmarkmeloveme.blogspot.com.au/

  110. Sarah

    I loved this book sooooo much! anyone know more books like this one?

  111. Anonymous

    this book was ah-maz-ing !! loved everything! im a big fan of modern Pride and Prejudice book adaptations and you wrote Epic Fail perfectly! i really hope theres a sequel, that was be soo cool or maybe like a couple of chapters in Derek’s POV oooo that would be the best ! hope to read more of your books 🙂

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  113. Ali x

    Hey, I thought that Epic Fail was the BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!! I enjoyed it sooo much and it was fun to notice the links between pride and prejudiced and epic fail; and i thought that the extra chapter was fun aswell 🙂 I havent read any of your other books… yet… but am hoping to read ALL OF THEM!!! 🙂 🙂 you are such a talented writer and am at the top of my authour list xx Is there a sequel in mind for the future?? If there is, i will definatly buy it!!!! Love

  114. Claire

    Look for THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING out from HarperTeen next winter, Ali! (Or is it Alix? I can’t tell on my computer.) Thanks so much for writing!

  115. Jessica

    I loved epic fail! Normally I don’t see any point in re-reading books but I couldn’t get this book out of my head so I had to read it twice! It’s been about a month since I finished it and I still remember every detail and am waiting on a hold from the library so I can read it a third time! Amazing book! I’m a new reader and can’t wait to read more books by you!

  116. Beatrice

    The book was absolutely amazing! I read it in a day when all the hours combine. I read it on my free time from Tuesday night time until the next day. I couldn’t put the book down. I’m 15. I’m not really a fan of books. But I wanna say Claire Lazebnik inspired me to start reading more. Honestly, I’ve only read once in my life. The twilight saga’s four books, and they say that doesn’t count much since even kids can read that. But this book, really. I found myself smiling in public being all caught up in the characters. I fell in love with Derek, the main character.

  117. Beatrice

    Just wondering if there would be a part two? Or if you were going to write romance? Or teenage love stories like this? And if you’ve written anything other than this? Please let me know because I’d be very happy to read them! 🙂

  118. Claire

    THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING comes out next winter! I’ll let you know the pub date as soon as I do. It’s got a very similar feel to this one . . .

  119. Brianna

    I just re read this book! I am still in LOVE!!! Ugh and the valentines day chapter made me even more in love!! Can you write a book like this or a sequel by I will buy it the first day it comes out!! I love it!!

  120. Claire

    Thanks, Brianna! I just got the copy-edits for the next one, so it’s moving along!

  121. Brie

    I loved the Book!! I read the uncorrected copy and I read it faster than any other book I’ve ever read!

  122. Anonymous

    I really REALLY loved this book i would love to see it as a movie one day !

  123. hi! i just wanted 2 rite this 2 thank u 4 righting this book it was amazing! i read it in 5 hours and i got my 2 other best friends into it 2 and we all love it!!!i was just curious at the end of the book, what happens with Elise’s and Derek’s relationship when Derek goes to college? and what about Elise and Juliana’s. thank u 4 reading this and i cant wait 4 ur next YA book!!!!! 🙂

  124. Lulu

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  125. Anonymous

    best book i have EVER read ! i re-read it twice ♥ i wish this was a movie ♥♥


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    Thank you all for the wonderful comments! Please tell your friends about EPIC FAIL–the better it does, the more likely I am to get the chance to write more books like it. And look for THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING in the not-too-distant future–I should have a cover to show you soon and from the early versions I’ve seen, it’s killer.

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  130. Claire

    Thanks, Lauren! I’m so glad you liked it that much! You too, Other Claire!

  131. Lauren

    I feel so cool talking to my favorite author!

  132. Claire

    What other authors do you like, Lauren?

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  134. Sammi

    I wish I had a name like Claire; Samantha is such a bland name and I tried to spice it up with ‘Sammi’, but it’s still bor-ing!

  135. Claire

    I would have said Samantha was a much more interesting name than Claire–Claire’s just one flat syllable! I’ll admit that I like my name now, but I didn’t when I was younger. I had to grow into it. Maybe you’ll feel the same way about Samantha?

  136. Sammi

    Thank you so much! That means a lot to me since my parents are the only people who really give me compliments! (But honestly, I’m only 14, so it’s no biggie). I seriously look up to you as a writer, though, since I aim to be one (which is hard, since my writing teacher has us write lame papers…ew!) I really want to be like you whewn I’m older, and that’s saying a lot, since I’m a bookworm.

  137. Claire

    I was a total bookworm too, and I think that’s how I learned to write (not as much from teachers). Keep reading books that entertain and delight you and you’ll get the best tutoring in how to write books that entertain and delight others!

  138. Sammi

    Oh my goodness, I just got advice from one of my favoritew authors, I’m glad you can’t see me, because im hypervenelating! Thank you!

  139. Sammi

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  140. Claire

    But, Sammi, I’m fairly certain Elise has brown eyes and brown hair too, doesn’t she? (The only reason I’m not positive is that I’ve been working on other books since then so sometimes I get confused.) I’m fairly certain that Elise resembles you and you resemble her!

  141. Sammi

    You’re right! Whoops! Never mind!

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  145. Claire

    Hey, Sadye, I updated the link at the top of this page–sorry, it was out of date. Let me know if it works now! It should.

  146. Lauren

    Hi Claire-
    Right now my favorite authors are as follows: 1.) You 2.) Kiernna Scott 3.) Suzanne Collins 4.) Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Who are your favorite authors?

  147. Lauren

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  150. Claire

    Second novel coming up! It’s not a sequel, but I think you’ll find it satisfies in the same way (I hope so). I’m trying to get a definite pub date out of my editor. I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

    Lauren, you make me feel so important and honored to be grouped with your other famous authors! I love Jane Austen, Suzanne Collins (see, we overlap!), Charles Dickens, Colette, and a million other people!

  151. Lauren

    Dang it! I forgot Dickens. I am reading A Tale of Two Cities in class, its so romantic, and dramatic, everything I love in a book. (BTW- everything in Epic Fail:)) If you had to pick, what is your favorite book?

  152. Lauren (your biggest fan)

    Hey Claire do you have a Facebook page?

  153. Lauren (your biggest fan)

    I was on the Facebook page and i was looking @ the pictures, I feel the same way. When ever I have a project due and Im trying to work on it one of my dogs (I have 2), or my bunny is always right by my feet demanding attention.

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  156. Claire


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    The first thing i´m sorry, my english is so bad, because i´m spanish
    I read this book in only one day i can explain how i´m reflected in this book
    I want yo be like elisee a girl with a lot off personality. I have got a question it is going to be a next part of epic fail?


  159. Claire

    Your English is perfect (and much better than my Spanish)! I’m so glad you liked the book and related to Elise! I’m not writing a sequel but I do have a book coming out in February called THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING that I think you might like!

  160. Priscila

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    Thank you for giving me (a totally romantic-reader) the oportunity to read this perfect book

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  162. Anonymous

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  163. Lauren :)

    Have you heard from about the Publish date yet?

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  165. Claire

    Hi, Charisa! I sent you a private email since you sent me one, but thanks for posting here too!

  166. Hi Mrs. Claire,
    I really really love Epic Fail. Especially the characters. I really wish it can be made into a movie. I would be so crazy if can turn into one!! >.< Well, it's nice knowing you. I wish you a happy life with your family. God bless and don't forget to smile always. 🙂

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    ( is the book going to be avaible in german? I read it in english and couldn ‘t understand every word!) 😦
    ( sorry for my english. I am from austria and my mother langouge is german…)

  170. Claire

    Hey, Annie! At this point there’s no plan to publish a German edition–if there’s a publishing house you like there, suggest it to them! Thanks!

  171. Rawlanda Hercules

    I absolutely loved this book.When I first bought it ,I thought it had this pride and prejudice ring to it. I was right. You are an amazing writer and I really need you to do a sequel with the same characters. It would really brighten my day.

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  176. Claire

    No one here would ever tease you, Mike! Not on MY blog. I love both your comments and I’m so glad you liked EPIC FAIL! Keep reading–there are lots of wonderful books out there!

  177. Mike

    Oh thanks Claire are you going to write another one just like epic fail but another plot?? Oh please write another I one I’m so inlove with Derek and Elise :))) I love them

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  179. Claire

    I’d love to see it become a movie. There’s been some interest but nothing’s happened yet. THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING will be very similar in feel to EPIC FAIL, so definitely give it a try!

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  181. Anonymous


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    – with great admiration,

  187. Lauren

    Hey Claire!
    Have you heard about the Pub. date !
    5 of my friends have read the book- they absolutely loved it!
    I agree with everyone who said it should become a movie!

    My friends birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her something special-I was wondering if i sent you copy of the book if you could sign I would be willing to pay?

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    It was an amazing book!!!
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  190. Claire

    Lauren, I can send you a signed bookplate (or several) and you can put them in any book you want to give to anyone! Just email me at cslazebnik@aol. com with your address and who you want the bookplates made out to, and I’ll mail them out to you, then you can stick them inside any book you want to have signed from me! THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING will be out at the end of February–for a first glimpse of the cover, check out my new blog post about it! Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments!

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    When I started reading the book, I had no idea that it has anything to do with Pride and Prejudice but since I am a P&P fan, I realized the connection quickly. And it made me enjoyed the book more.

    I can’t wait for your new novel. ☺


  192. Claire

    Thanks, Lei! So glad you enjoyed it so much!

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  196. Claire

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments that make me smile all day long! Dawn, I’m so glad your mother gave you EPIC FAIL to read! Meg, I’ll talk to my editor about a sequel, but so far it’s still not in the works. Sorry!

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  198. Claire

    Thanks, Cindy! By the way, if any of you wonderfully supportive people wanted to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes and Noble, that would be amazing!

  199. Wow!! I loved this book!!! I read it in 4 hours!!!! It was absolutely wonderfully refreshing from my most recent readings!!! Please keep writing!!!

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  202. Claire

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much, Marisa! I would be happy to do booksignings anywhere I can drive (in the LA area) or near somewhere I’m traveling (like Boston/New Hampshire this August). Or anywhere I can travel for free! 🙂

  203. Anonymous

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  206. Gabriella

    Hi Claire, first I’d like to say that I love Epic Fail, I read it at least six times… it’s great! … Okay, I have a question, would it be possible to know more about Chase and Chelsea’s parents, like their names, jobs, how they met the Edwards and Anton family, etc. I think you wrote a glimpse of this in the book, but I can’t figure out where… :/ Thank you! 🙂

  207. Sophie

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  208. Alizandra

    I seriously LOVE and ADORE Epic Fail! Since I read the first page, I was totally hooked! I completely love the last chapters, especially when Elise was at Derek’s house, my sister was asking me why I was giggling and smiling like an idiot and and I was like, “This is the best book ever!” and smiled so much that my jaws began to hurt.. LOL.. You should really write a sequel because I would really like to now what happens to Elise and Derek and what their parents would think about their relationship, especially Elise’s dad.. I do have a question though, what was that tree that Georgia and Elise were talking about? Or was that completely fictional?? Thanks for an awesome book! Can’t wait to read your next YA book!

  209. Zoey

    Love this book. Please please please do a sequel please. I want to see more of Elise and Dereks relationship. And lots of other readers want a sequel also. Please make a sequel. My wish would totally come true. My favorite book ever

  210. Claire

    Thank you all for letting me know how much you love the book! If I come up with a brilliant idea, I’ll write a sequel–but only under that condition, and it hasn’t happened yet. But I’m hoping to sneak a couple of these characters into future books, so you’ll at least get a glimpse of what they’re up to.

    Alizandra, I had to go back to the book to see which tree you meant and I’m afraid I’m so lame that I never really knew what the tree was–it’s embarrassing to admit, but I know very little about gardening and I figured Elise and Georgia wouldn’t know much more than me. I really just wanted them to have a conversation where they’d make each other laugh. Because I think the two of them could be friends.

  211. Chase

    I was having a lot of trouble finding a good book I like for awhile and I read this book and absolutely fell in love with it. I’ve already read it 3 times and plan on reading it again.

  212. Chase

    I’m writing a report for school about a book that I thought was good, and I was wondering what or why did you decide to write this book? Are these based on someones experiences?

  213. Claire

    Chase, I love the movie CLUELESS which is based on Jane Austen’s novel EMMA, so I thought it would be fun to do an updated version of her novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE–and that was the beginning of EPIC FAIL. The storyline loosely follows the original, but I drew from my own experiences with LA private schools to describe Coral Tree Prep (the school they all go to). If you want to ask me more questions, feel free to email me at cslazebnik@aol.com! So glad you’re doing a report on the book!

  214. Laura

    This book was AMAZING. When I first got the book I figured it would be an average book, but you proved me totally wrong. Looking forward to more YA books in the future and maybe even a sequel…? Believe me, this book just gave me more motivation to become an author like you! Good luck for future books!

  215. Katalin from Portugal

    I loved your book! I hope you continue writing about these characters. There are so many possibilities and I beg u to continue! Just don’t go as far as Meg Cabot went with her princess Mia, hehe.. xoxo, Kat

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    I’m not really good.

  217. Claire

    Thank you, Annie, for letting me know you like EPIC FAIL! (My daughter’s name is Annie, too, by the way. I love that name.) I’m so glad you’re inspired to write. Good luck with it–I’m sure you’re very good.

  218. brianna G.

    can you write a sequel!?!? i love this book!! Derek is in Colage… elise is still in high school…. webster grant is still a problem….. Georgia was visiting…. Chelsea has it out for elise and shes out for dereks heart… The stress of a distance relationship… isnt there a saying something like “distance makes the heart grow fonder” something like that…. you have soooo much to go on please!!! This book inspired me to wright a book! PLEASE

  219. kkkkk

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  220. Simran

    I HAVE READ THIS BOOK A MILLION TIMES AND IT GETS ME EVERYTIME! 🙂 I just read the extra chapter and it was so adorable! Claire you are an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G writer and pleasee make a sequel to Epic Fail! 🙂

  221. Anonymous

    Please write more YA novels! This one got me hooked. Maybe, if you write a sequel, it could be about Elise starting university, and the pressures of staying with Derek, and maybe some other dude who might potentially harm their relationship? I think it might be sorta cute 🙂

  222. Maiza

    OMG!!! Epic Fail is sooo amazing! Claire you have got a fan from Sri Lanka too… Im in Love with that book. I even read the valentines day chapter. It was amazing!! You are a great writer. Please please please write a sequel, please please. i would love to continue reading Derek and Elise’s story. Please write a sequel! And please let me know if you write it! 🙂 😀

  223. Anonymous

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  225. justme

    I loved this book SOOOO much!!!!! I told my friends to read it! I LOVE IT ❤

  226. Claire

    Telling your friends to read this book is the nicest thing you can do for an author! Thank you so much!

  227. Charissa Dhauri

    I’m in love with this book, once I started reading I just didn’t want it to end. Please do a sequel:D I’m begging you!!!:D

  228. Ali

    So, ready for the sequel now! I loved it! I want to read more! What can I say, I am a hopeless romantic. I know you don’t have any plans for a second book in the series but I really think that would be awesome!

  229. Gisselle

    VieIve always hated reading but then came along EPIC FAIL!! It was the BEST book ive.EVER read!! I was even reading this book over the weekend or out of school i couldnt put the book down!! Now i dont even want to turn the book back to tje libary!! My friends were so shocked!! And i was wondering if that little section about Elise And Derek on Valentines Day was a sequel or just a little chapter???? Im agreeing wigh the girl who said u should make a movie!! And a Sequel!! Well anyways you are now my favorite author!!!!
    (P.S im sorry if i wrote to much)

  230. Anonymous

    OMG! Loved this book! I finished it in half a day. I WANT MORE!!!!!!

  231. Anonymous

    Does anyone know of any books like this? I liked it so much that I want to read something like it!

  232. Claire

    The Trouble with Flirting will be out in February! Not too much longer!

  233. Jacky

    This was the best book i ever read 🙂 cant wait until the trouble with flirting comes out! Hope you have a great day claire!

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  237. Claire

    Thank you all for your sweet supportive comments! Look for TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING in your local bookstore soon (well, February–is that soon?). It’s not a sequel but I really think you’ll like it!

  238. i lOVED this book!!!! do u have any other books out that r similar???

  239. Anonymous

    I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!! it’s one of my most favourite things ever. its up there with chocolate! I really wish you could write a sequel so we can hear more about derek and elise 😀

  240. Penny

    …. cant wait for Trouble With Flirting. Epic Fail is literally my FAVOURITE book ever, I read it in my spare time, to cheer me up, etc. (It beats Twilight). This book is the reason I’ve been thinking about reading more realistic fiction novels! 🙂

  241. Claire

    Wow–what a lovely comment, Penny! I want to copy “It beats Twilight” and put it on all my book covers! The comments on this page give me so much pleasure!

  242. Shary

    I just finished reading this for an Independent Reading project I had for English. I enjoyed this book. One of the best books I’ve read this year! I can’t wait to read Trouble With Flirting. (:

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  244. Irene

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  245. Jessica

    I already read the book and I think it’s really cute! 🙂 I’ve never read something more amazing and cute in this one trip to Highschool relationships and stuff … I usually don’t read these books but I was hooked on at the first page ! 😀 I’m kind of dissapointed at the ending though… Is there a sequel ? If there is, I’m looking forward to reading it ! ❤

  246. brianna g

    🙂 😀 🙂 ❤ ❤

  247. Thank you for all your kind comments! Just a month or so until the publication of THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING!

  248. Rachel krolikowski

    I loved Epic Fail! But I felt it needed to show a little more of Derek and Elise’s relationship. When I found this new chapter showing a little more, I was ecstatic. Yet, I still crave for more. My friends and I believe/desire you write a sequel to one of our most cherished books.

  249. Bailey

    Epic Fail was absolutly incredible! Maybe my favorite book. Pleaase, please make a sequel for all the Epic Fail fans! Thank you so much ♡

  250. hsr354

    Oh my gosh the book epic fail was one of the greatest books ever!! Please write a sequel to it!! That would be awesome!(:

  251. So are you all friends? I’m so glad you like EPIC FAIL so much. Please check out TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING next month–I think it will satisfy a lot of your sequel desires!

  252. Bia

    Loved Epic Fail! Really looking forward to Trouble With Flirting 🙂

  253. maymarquez26

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    I really really love this book. I love Elise and I love Derek!!! This was a great book with great writing (and I’m picky :D)

  255. Kaitlyn

    I love Epic Fail! (: It’s one of my favorite books besides The Mark of Athena and the Hunger Games! Your a really amazing author. Can’t wait to read the other books you have! 😀

  256. Claire

    aw, thanks, Kaitlyn! And Ina! And Bia and May!

  257. Allison

    This book was absolutely amazing. It had me laughing throughout the whole book! I actually stayed up till 2 in the morning reading this, and I just couldn’t put it down. I hope there is a sequel, but if there isn’t, I understand. I will definately be reading more books by you! (:

  258. Claire

    Thank you so much, Allison! The Trouble with Flirting comes out ON TUESDAY!

  259. anonymous

    This is my favorite book. I have read it 5 times. Please make a sequel to this book!!!!!!!

  260. Jen

    OMG YOU SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  261. Ina

    TOTALLY!!!!!! Great idea!!! 😀

  262. Deanine Naidoo

    I really want to read honor of valentines day this book is so romantic even though i have never liked a boy before i think i would want someone like Derek and great idea jen i will be the first one to watch the movie if you do

  263. Anonymous

    Hi Claire!!! Could you do PART 2!!! Pls it’s so friggin’ cool like when the two parents meet each other… Elise got jealous then they fight over something just do the part 2 of this pls!! Looking forward to see it 😄

  264. Anonymous

    omg this book is amazing , you shoould make a part 2 and a movie 2 it , it would be a bi hit

  265. Anonymous

    where can i read this book online?

  266. Anonymous

    Loved ur book. So full of detail ,suspence and of course high school drama between love. Even though I am 11 I read the book any way and couldn’t put the book down. PLEASE write a sequel!!!

  267. Anonymous

    is there a book 2?

  268. Gabby

    Loved this book! Sequel please?

  269. Hey, I really love this book. I read it last year I think and I totally loved it. In fact is one of my favorite books besides I love Pride & Prejudice so so much and this is a great adaptation. I don´t know I think it has that it factor that Pride & Prejudice has. And well, Derek Edwards, what I cannot say about him…He´s just so sweet and charming and awww…
    I have this taste in the mouth every time I read Elise´s mother, is like the one I feel when I remember Elizabeth´s mother and her sisters. Is just annoying! Agh! 😀
    Sadly, he´s a fictional character. ):
    I´m going to read it in its actual language because I think is like the real soul of the book, since I have to improve my ability to write in English.
    Claire, you don´t know what this book means to me.
    It´s…how can I say it?…Healthy? I don´t know.
    It is awesome!
    I´m not going to ask for a sequel because, even if I want one, I know that some books are made for just one part.
    From writer to writer.
    Lots of Love.
    – Mai.
    God bless you!

  270. Claire

    Thanks for your lovely note, Mai. I’m happy to hear you’re a writer too! I hope you’ll give The Trouble with Flirting a chance. There’s no Derek Edwards . . . but I fell in love with one of the characters as I was writing the book. (I won’t tell you which one.)

  271. Emilia

    Hi Claire! I just read EPIC FAIL and it was absolutely amazing! It was so fantastic, I read it in only a day! A couple of my friends have read the book as well and I know they would be more than happy if Elise’ and Derek’s love story would continue in a sequel. 🙂 Obviously, I would love that as well!! Now, before you say that I should give The Trouble with Flirting a chance, I just ordered it online and am looking forward to reading it! Please have there be a sequel of EPIC FAIL! It can’t end now! Elise and Derek are just too cute!! ❤
    -Emilia 😀

  272. Claire

    Thank you for ordering TTWF and cutting me off before I repeat myself one too many times! 🙂 I’ve had SO many requests for an Epic Fail sequel that I can’t dismiss the possibility–but I’d need my publishers to be on board first . . .

  273. devika

    Yeah please write a sequel for elsie n derek…. I m waiting. I love them… dont add twist n turns plssssss show us d happily ever after epilogue of dem

  274. cassandra

    I love this book sooo much. I there gonna be a sequl cause i would totally read it?

  275. Isabel

    Hi Claire!
    I picked up a copy of Epic Fail at my local library just as something to read during the school holidays, and as it turns out I absolutely fell in love with it! I enjoyed reading it so much that my siblings were laughing at the silly smile that was stretched right across my face whilst I read. After reading the Valentines Day additional chapter to the novel and completely squealing with excitement over it I decided to track down a copy of the book, and being in Australia it can be hard to find books in-store, however I will do whatever it takes to get my hands on one! My eagerness to read your other novels has reached its limits so I’ll certainly be going to the library ASAP! Thank you very much for the wonderful adventure you’ve provided me with through this epic novel, and I think that any sequel you write or a film based on your story will be a major success in many countries! I have finally found the perfect book, out of many I have read, thanks to you! 😀

  276. Anonymous


  277. Allie G

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I have like read this book like at least 35 times and it only been 4 weeks spence I found your book on amazon. So glad I found it. You are an amazing writer and I really hope this book becomes a movie, because then I can each it over and over and over again! Please, please, please write more books like this one or a sequal!!!

  278. Claire

    I HAVE written more books like this one, Allie! Check out the Trouble with Flirting in bookstores now, and look for the Last Best Kiss out in April!

  279. Sophie

    Oh-my-God. Most amazing book ever! I’ve finished it last night and i’ve read it for like only 3 hours and I was smiling like crazy! I couldn’t stop reading! HAHA. I wish that you would write a sequel. I love Derek so much and Elise too. I feel like i’ve known them forever. Haha. Thank yo for writing an amazing book. :))

  280. Briya M

    This is the best book that I’ve read in a long time! I really enjoyed this book it was very interesting especially bout Derek and Elise I think that was very cute. Also are you making more series of book like this?

  281. Claire

    yes, the trouble with flirting and the last best kiss are both very similar in tone!

  282. Briya

    Okay thanks! I will make sure I will read those. Are you having any book signing anytime soon and how can I find that out?

  283. Claire

    I have nothing planned at the moment but will post any future ones on my Facebook author page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Claire-LaZebnik-writes/150950561586103) or here on the blog.

  284. Anonymous

    i didnt like this book at all…the story was faling apart at times and did not really combine to make sence to me at all so i would give this book a 2 out of 5 stars

  285. Maria Rodriguez

    I love love love this book! Please write a sequel. It was very captivating. I could not put the book down as soon as began reading it.This was a well written novel. I’m hoping and praying for the sequel for this novel. Claire, I’ve read this book over five times. Elise and Derek are such wonderful characters and I find myself not wanting to let go of them. Thank you for writing such a wonderful, amazing, and lovely book. I’m about to read it again. I always recommend this book to friends.

  286. Claire

    Thank you for recommending the book, Maria! And please give The Trouble with Flirting and (soon) the Last Best Kiss a try! Thanks for your lovely comment.

  287. Anonymous

    I love epic fail. Its one of my favorite books. Did you happen to have a Mr. Collins in it?

  288. Claire

    Not really. At one point I had a minor character named Colin, who was a nod to him, but I think he got lost between drafts!

  289. devika

    Hey Claire are you planning another novel with derek and elsie…
    Their happily ever after…

  290. Claire

    Not planning one but not ruling it out!

  291. Devika

    I loved the way you described elise’s feelings when Derek grabbed her hand at the movie theater… and also I can totally relate Derek with Mr. Darcy… Gosh!! It is an awsome book.. Reading it right now for nth time…

  292. Bea

    Please do consider writing a sequel. You’d be making hundreds of people happy if you did. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? 🙂

  293. Claire

    Wow, hard to resist a plea like that!

  294. Anonymous

    Are you thinking of writing a sequel?

  295. Meena

    I absolutely loved this book!! It was so awesome. I loved the characters and I loved Elise!!!!! ❤ She was an awesome character and Derek sounds pretty… AWESOMEEEE! Loved this book so MUCH!! P.S. My middle name is Claire. Shankya!!!

  296. Claire

    So glad you love it! I hope you’ll read my other books!

  297. Nat

    Such a good book! I read it twice 🙂

  298. Claire

    Thank you!

  299. Loren Pajarillaga

    Hey! I read this book in the school library! I love it so much I couldn’t even return it but then I have to because I’m not allowed to sign my clearance if i didn’t return the books I borrowed. So i tried to find this book at different bookstores where i live but I can’t find it, I really want to have this book and since the school library was the only place that has this book my friend decided to steal this book for me because she was leaving for the US, she said this would be her farewell gift to me.

    I love this book so much that I have to read it over and over again. I really liked the fact that you decided to provide an Oscar Wilde quote in the book so that made this book much more fantastic. And also i have to agree with that girl who thinks you have to make a sequel because this is frickintastic!!!! This book has provided me a lots of memories so I wish on an airplaine that you would write a sequel! Please!

  300. Claire

    I’m glad you love the book so much! I’m thinking maybe I should send a copy to your school library–if you want to private message me with the address, maybe I could send them a new copy without mentioning what happened to the old one? Have you tried my other novels? Maybe you’d enjoy them too?

  301. HK

    Hi Claire! I loved the book epic fail and I know you already did a sequel to it so you can’t write about Derek and Elise in another book again but I had some questions from the last book:
    -do Derek and Elise break up when Derek went to college?
    -what does Derek do for a living…is he also a actor like his mom and dad?
    -do Elise and Derek end up getting married at the end9i know this is a weird question but im just curious)

  302. Harkirat

    Hey, Claire? Can you pretty please with a cherry on the top make a sequel to this book??? Derek and Elise are just too cute…you should really make a sequel…

  303. josephine

    Omg I love this book I’ve read it 8 times in like 3 nights 😍u should really write another book about Derek and Elise 💕 I love u so much 💘 if only guys like Derek were real ♡ I’m only 12 and I fell in love with this book the moment I read the first chapter xoxo

  304. Claire

    So glad you liked it, Josephine! Will you try my other novels? You might like those too. xo

  305. josephine

    Yes I’m trying to get your other books now xo it means so much to me that u replied ♡ please write another book about Elise and Derek 😍 it would mean the world to me xoxo

  306. I loved loved loved the book ❤ Please write a sequel? Or a nice epilogue or anything actually. I'm a sucker for happy endings, I'm afraid. 😂

  307. Claire

    Did you see the extra Valentine’s Day chapter of Epic Fail I posted a link to recently on my author page on Facebook?

  308. Anamika

    I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please write a sequel! That would be the best! Your amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. eu

    perfect!! 🙂

  310. claudia

    I am in love with Derek and Elise’ story!! I’ve read a lot of love stories, but I love love love this book and it’s my favorite now, please write a sequel? Now I’m starting to read all your books! You are the best🙌

  311. Jessica

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this book. Its one of the few books where I can re-read it hundreds of times and not get tired of it. We have to read Pride and Prejuduce in english class now and I can’t stop making mental comparisons between Elizabeth & Darcy and Elise & Derek. Having read this makes it easier to understand Austen’s book but I prefer Epic Fail. 🙂

  312. Kavya

    OH. MY. GOD. I am seriously freaking out!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! I read Epic Fail the day before yesterday, and then read The Last Best Kiss yesterday. I JUST read the sequel V-Day chapter to Epic Fail and now I have seriously mixed emotions. I mean, I’m SERIOUSLY happy and excited for Elise and Derek, of course! I’m like floating on a cloud of joy!!!!!!! But now I’m crushed, because I NEED another book!!! I saw a comment on the extra chapter that said to make a sequel called Epic Win, and it really hit me in the feels. I NEED A SEQUEL!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top? (I’ll even throw in some rainbow sprinkles and hot fudge too!)

  313. Claire

    read my other books and enjoy! xoxo

  314. Isabel

    I HAVE LITERALLY READ ALL YOUR YOUNG ADULT BOOKS AND LOVED THEM SO MUCH BUT EPIC FAIL HOLDS A DEAR PLACE IN MY HEART AND I HAVE BEEN CONSTANTLY CHECKING YOUR BLOG AND FACEBOOK PAGE SINCE 2012 FOR ANY UPDATES REGARDING AN EPIC FAIL SEQUEL 😦 Pretty please? I’ve read the Valentine’s Day chapter as well and I have never felt more giddy in my entire life! Pease Ms. Claire, satisfy my desire to learn more about what happens to Derek and Elise! 🙂 I know that I have to respect your decisions as an author and the creator of these characters but I implore you so to please continue their story! 🙂 Best wishes! I truly hope you take these calling for a sequel to heart. I’m sure that if your publishers saw all these calls for a Part 2, they will surely be on board as well.

  315. Claire

    I just saw this for some reason. THANK YOU!

  316. i didn’t! thank you for telling me!

  317. Anonymous

    I read Epic Fail! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to read more of your book.

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  319. Dalinee Vang

    I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading this story. It’s one of my absolute favorites and cannot help but fall in love with each character over and over again!

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