Here’s a video to get you stoked for THINGS I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! You can learn to make delicious brownies easily AND maybe get a little inspired


You can pre-order THINGS I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN today or buy it anywhere in a week. Read the book Bustle called “a love story about sisterhood,” Publishers Weekly called “a thought-provoking portrayal of how people can come together despite, or perhaps because of, their differences,” and Kirkus called, “an eye-opening look at autism and those it touches.”

(I could keep quoting praise for THINGS I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, but I’d rather you just read the book–that’s more fun for all of us. Or go to the Amazon page–a lot of the good stuff is laid out there anyway.)

I am as proud of this book as I am of anything I’ve done in my life, except possibly raise my four children (and that’s been kind of a complicated journey in its own right). I wrote this book for ME because I wanted to, not because I had a deal in place or thought it would sell easily. I just wanted to write it. And I did. And people are responding to it. So . . .

One week from today it will arrive.





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