Book Publication Day!

Hey, guys! WRONG ABOUT THE GUY has landed: it’s officially on sale now.

It’s sort of a modernization of EMMA, but it’s also about living a Hollywood life and about verbally sparring with cute guys and about trying to get into college and about best friends who maybe can’t always keep up with you and about little brothers who don’t talk or make eye contact and mothers and stepfathers who can’t agree what to do about that.

Mostly it’s just romantic and fun.

41ZmlwxrfNLPlease buy it. Please read it. Please love it. Please love me.

Okay, that got needy real fast.

And now my laptop charger won’t work unless I jiggle it. Which is about as exciting as publication day gets around these here parts.

I’m always happy to sign and mail bookplates that you can stick inside your books so they’re sort of signed by me! Just let me know if you want one.

WRONG ABOUT THE GUY. It’s what’s for dinner.

I may have the tagline wrong . . .


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