“See? Moms can have fun too!”

My daughter’s birthday is coming up, and one good friend already gave her an early present: a set of Flash temporary tattoos. Annie and her friends were decorating themselves and called me over, and that’s how I ended up with a shining gold and black circlet on my upper arm. This morning, I was waiting in line at Starbucks when a woman spotted my tattoo and said to her tween daughter, “See? Mothers can have fun too.”

Blue hair and Flash tattoo:. Hell, yeah, I'm having FUN.

Blue hair and Flash tattoo:. Hell, yeah, I’m having FUN.

And here I’d thought that went without saying.

But maybe I’m unusual in expecting my kids to KNOW that I want and intend to have fun on a regular basis. Maybe a lot of kids are like poor little EmilyRachelNicole or whatever her name is, who somehow managed to reach the age of 12 still thinking that mothers aren’t interested in anything but hard work and self-denial.

Yes, SamanthaLaurenSophia: moms can have fun. They even like to. Sometimes they dance to music when they’re alone and watch junky movies and blow off the work they should be doing, even though they know they’ll pay for it.

Sometimes moms eat potato chips out of the bag and ignore the carrots in the fridge.

Moms like sex. Well, maybe not all of them and probably not if they’re brand-new moms. But in general and roughly in the same percentage as people everywhere, and occasionally in ways that would shock your delicate pubescent ears.

Some moms like to have sex with other moms.

Moms don’t always behave well. They might cut someone off in traffic when it isn’t the safe, rational thing to do or leave out food that should have been put away or drink more wine than they should.

Sometimes moms pretend they can’t hear you calling from the next room, because they don’t feel like answering right away.

Sometimes they give people the finger behind their backs and spread gossip they shouldn’t.

A lot of moms like to sing loudly when they hear a good song and get ridiculous, pointless crushes on movie stars and handsome teachers.

Moms say stupid things that they wish they could take back and they have nightmares that terrify them, and sometimes the only thing that gets them through the day is the thought of the junk food they’re going to stuff into themselves that night.

Moms can be petty and resentful and magnificent and patronizing and generous and self-sacrificing and self-centered and mistaken and small-minded and brilliant and tough and resilient and angry and wounded and damaged. Most moms really love their kids and would do pretty much anything for them. A few moms don’t and that’s tragic.

Some moms need to take care of themselves before they can take care of other people.

All of them need to have fun now and then.

You see, little JessicaCaitlinSarah, Moms are human.

Crazy, isn’t it?



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2 responses to ““See? Moms can have fun too!”

  1. Deb Z.

    So well put, from one of those moms!

  2. and this grandmom too, sometimes ignoring the carrots and dancing alone!

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