You’re Not on the Side of Decency

This should be obvious, but I keep reading news stories that make it clear it’s not, so can we all just be straight on one simple thing?

Hurting other people is bad. Not hurting them is good. If you hurt someone who has done nothing to harm you, you are the sinner, the criminal, the perpetrator, the asshole.  Not the person who wasn’t hurting anyone. You.

I don’t care what your beliefs are. I mean, seriously, I don’t care. Your beliefs are irrelevant to my life. Keep them to yourself. I don’t care whether you don’t like people who look a certain way or who lead a certain kind of life or whose beliefs don’t line up with yours: if you’re the one doing the hurting, you’re the villain.

There is no justification for cruelty. There is no justification for criminal behavior. There is no justification for bullying. There is no justification for hurting someone who isn’t actively threatening your safety.

You are not on the side of goodness, righteousness, religion, or decency if you’re doing something cruel. Period. If you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re beating up or bullying someone in the name of any of those ideals, you are a hypocrite and a liar and you’re just trying to find excuses to be the violent and sadistic sack of shit that you are.

If you hate people who are different from you, you’re an intolerant bigot, and if you want to hurt people who are different from you, you’re a dangerous intolerant bigot. You are the evil in this world, no matter what religious text you quote from or what jingoistic phrases you spout. You are the force that tries to destroy our country. Not the people who come from other places or who have different customs or who don’t follow your narrow-minded ideas of tradition. You.

Maybe we can’t get evil, small-minded bigots to stop doing the horrible things they do but we can at least call them  on their hypocrisy and keep reminding the world that evil is as evil does.



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4 responses to “You’re Not on the Side of Decency

  1. a writer’s voice heard loud and clear-thank you & sharing!

  2. Deb Z.

    Amen, my sister.

  3. Irene

    Thank you for this.

  4. gvrcorcillo

    Wow, I teared up reading this because it is so damn good and clear and right!!!!! Way to tell it like it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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