I’ve been given permission to reveal the cover for my next HarperTeen book, which will be out in February.  I LOVE it!  What do you think?

Out in February!



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12 responses to “First Glimpse of THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING Cover!

  1. Colin

    I love it.

  2. Gorgoues cover. I can’t wait to read the actual book itself!

  3. Claire

    It’s pretty cute, isn’t it?

  4. It’s really cute! Can’t wait to read an official plot summary. In the meantime, I’ve added the book to my “to-read” shelf on Goodreads. 🙂

  5. Katherine

    Looks great!

  6. Josephine

    Is it a follow on from Epic Fail?

  7. Claire

    It’s not a sequel to EPIC FAIL, but it’s got a similar “feel” to it–it’s also loosely based on a Jane Austen novel, in this case MANSFIELD PARK (although it’s VERY loosely based, so it doesn’t matter if you know MP at all or not). Mostly, it’s romantic . . .

  8. Love the cover, can’t wait to read it.

  9. Josephine

    When will we be able to read te sotry plot?

  10. charmedlass

    Wait— February? As in next year??? Waah, you’re making us wait too long. =)

  11. Laura

    The covers awesome. It’s simple like Epic Fail. Can’t wait!

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