The Recluse Makes an Appearance . . . or Two

I’ve got to stop telling people I don’t leave the house. Apparently it’s the first thing people learn about me when they Google my name.  That whole-exaggerating-for-comic-effect-in-interviews thing can really bite you in the ass. 

Not that it’s completely UNtrue.  I mean, on the scale from homebody to world traveler, I definitely fall closer to the homebody side of things, and I think anyone who would go out on a weeknight for anything other than a mandatory school meeting is nuts.  But I do leave the house.  I like going to lunch with friends and I love tooling around with my kids and husband on the weekends.  In fact, I’ve been known not only to leave the house but to leave the country (although admittedly I’ll only do that in the company of all five of my fellow family members, so you could argue I’m taking home WITH me).

Anyway, the point is: accounts of my pathological self-isolation are exaggerated, and I can prove it: I will be appearing in two southern California events over the next few months.

On March 22nd, I’ll be reading from Epic Fail at the Los Angeles Central Public Library, along with several other amazing YA authors.  For more info and a calendar of other library events for teens, click here.  This is one in a series of YA book nights, so check them all out: the first one was last week and people had a great time.

Then on May 12th, I’m wildly excited and honored to be included in a list of female authors–a list which includes Laurie R. King, Delia Ephron, Joyce Maynard among others–at the Literary Guild of Orange County’s 19th Annual Festival of Women Authors.  Talk about good reasons for stripping off my Snugli and venturing out in the world!

Maybe I’m changing.  Maybe I’m growing up and realizing the world outside my front door has a lot to offer.  Maybe I’ll get in the habit of choosing experience over habit, excitement over comfort, a brave new world over the same small space. Seriously.  Someone just asked me to speak at an autism conference in ANOTHER STATE next year, and I may actually do that.

Yep, it’s a whole new me.

Oh, by the way, anyone reading this going to that 8th grade school meeting on Tuesday?  If so, would you mind picking up a couple of extra forms for me?  It’s, you know, a school night, and I’m just not sure I’m going to make it . . .




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2 responses to “The Recluse Makes an Appearance . . . or Two

  1. Deb Z.

    My youngest daughter often asks me, “Where is your favorite place to be?” I always answer “Home.” Now she’s learned to add, “Besides home.”

  2. Claire

    Love that! My kids make fun of me for being such a homebody all the time–but they also cheer when I choose to stay home instead of going somewhere without them . . .

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