I’ve never done this before–written an additional chapter for a published book–but Lisa at ReadMeBookmarkMeLoveMe asked me if I’d contribute something to her blog for a monthlong Valentine’s Day celebration, and so many people were asking for more Derek and Elise that I thought, Why not reunite them for Valentine’s Day?  And here it is!  Enjoy it and please share with anyone you know who liked EPIC FAIL!

I’m frantically rewriting toward a deadline, so no more at the moment but I’ll be back soon!



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16 responses to “NEW CHAPTER FOR EPIC FAIL!

  1. Jess

    Soo cute!! Derek and Elise are so perfect for each other! Thanks for this extra chapter! I read the entire book tonight because I couldn’t put it down!! I was so sad when it ended! So I was very glad to find this! Loved it!

  2. Is the new chapter in the old book or a seperate book sorry I just finished the book and had to know

  3. Also if it’s a seperate book what is it called

  4. Claire

    It’s really just a bonus chapter–not part of any book! I just wrote it in honor of Valentine’s Day, a little glimpse into what their relationship would look like once Derek had left for college . . .

  5. Orange-y

    where can we read it? 😀

  6. Claire

    Sorry–didn’t realize the link went to the blog’s main page, not the chapter. Here’s the updated link: Thanks for asking! I’ll fix it in the body of the post, too.

  7. Gracie

    Can your write a sequel? Please!

  8. Holly

    I loved the book, will you be making a sequel anytime soon? I would a sequel, I was so sad that the book ended 😦

  9. Annie

    will you be making a sequel anytime soon? I loved epic fail read so many times can never get sick of it. please write a sequel

  10. Kittie

    Please. Make a sequel. Please… 😐

  11. Amber

    You NEED to make a sequel to this book:)

  12. Anonymous

    please write a sequel i love the book so much

  13. Anonymous

    please please PLEASE write a sequel

  14. Bella

    Please please please please take into very serious consideration the possibility of a sequel/series. I know you haven’t done this before but there is always a first time for everything right? Thank you so much!

  15. Anonymous

    Hi Claire. I constantly visit every site I came across just to check if you wrote the sequel for Epic Fail. Please, please, please(begging). We want more of Derek and Elise.

  16. AngieLica

    Claire, I constantly visit any website/blog/page I came across about the sequel of Epic Fail. Please, please, please(begging). We want more of Elise and Derek.

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