For Those of You Who Enjoyed EPIC FAIL

Here’s a link to a video made by an enthusiastic fan who cast the entire book with current stars (some of whom I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of before–but they all looked pretty good to me–thanks, Jessikerr2011, whoever you are!)

Who would you cast if the book were made into a movie?

Respond in the comments section if you feel like it!



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2 responses to “For Those of You Who Enjoyed EPIC FAIL

  1. Qui

    your writing advice is very helpful especially about it being boring, it’s so right on. I am so glad that it helped me understand it not just about the grammar and syntax details- but a more broad and i think useful perspective

  2. dada

    what is the reason you are not going to write a sequal to epic fail? p.s. why don’t you start a movie or something with this cast? (just a thought) or at least add another chapter similar to the valentine’s day extra chapter(any other books that is almost as good as epic fail)…thank you for reading this -Your favorite fan 🙂

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