Act Now! Limited Time Offer!

If you have an e-reader and haven’t yet read Knitting Under the Influence (the first novel I published with Grand Central/5 Spot), there’s a deal going on now where you can buy it for just $1.99.

Hours of reading pleasure for only $1.99!

Knitting Under the Influence is a romantic, fast-moving novel about three young women in Los Angeles who get together regularly to knit and talk and support each other as they struggle with life’s moral ambiguities and the careers and relationships that never seem to fall into place the way they expect.  Publisher’s Weekly wrote, “LaZebnik juggles periods of personal crisis while maintaining her characters’ complex individuality. Social knitters, especially, will relate to the bond that strengthens over the click-clack of the girls’ needles.”

These days, a buck ninety-nine can’t even buy you a latte, so you might as well spend it on an entertaining book that will keep you amused during these endless winter evenings.  (Is it just me or is the sun basically going down right around lunchtime these days?)

And stay tuned for my last Book Candy TV video chat, scheduled for January 12th, at 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST (see, we listened to those of you who complained that 11 was too late!).  This one should be pretty cool–Marla Miller of “Marketing the Muse” fame will be on with me to ask me questions about my writing process–and of course anyone who joins us online gets to ask questions too.  If you’re interesting in writing (or just in writers), put in on the calendar and come join us.  More on that soon.

And more writing tips to come shortly.


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