If you missed the video chat with me and Rob

here’s the link to it.

To recap: Rob is my husband and he’s a writer on The Simpsons.

I’m a simple country girl who has found fame, fortune and true love through my extraordinary tapdancing skills.

(Disclaimer: only some of the above is true.)

Together, we make video chatting history on Book Candy TV.  So watch us discuss our marriage, our writing, how our writing affects our marriage and how our marriage affects our writing.  We also answer some pretty weird questions.  One participant was a little obsessed with my shower cap.  Someone else was a little obsessed with my husband.  It’s all uncomfortable in a GOOD WAY.  Also see my daughter and my sister briefly wave their hands at the camera. And note how awful the lighting is on me: I’m sort of this weird ghoulish purple color.  I’m like Radioactive Girl, without the superpowers.

Once it’s over, you’ll know more about me than you ever wanted to.  I mean that literally.

And now indulge me with one more sales pitch for the upcoming holidays:

Families and Other Nonreturnable Gifts is about loving and resenting the people who know you best.  What better way of saying, “It’s the holidays,” than that?

And Epic Fail continues to be loved by those who read it.  Don’t take my word for it.  Click over to the page and check out the comments.  They’re pretty enthusiastic.  And ninety-nine percent of them are written by people who aren’t my daughter!



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