Hey, Ever Wanted to See Me Make a Fool of Myself?

Of course you did!  How can you not?  I’d want to see me make a fool of myself if I weren’t me!

Well, here’s your chance.

Tonight I’ll be video chatting live on Book Candy TV, at 8 pm CST, 11 pm EST.  Those who joined my last video chat with author W. Bruce Cameron know that the situation is rife with possible embarrassing moments.  In that one, I remained thirty to forty-five seconds behind Bruce and the moderator, so I spent the time either interrupting them or ignoring their questions.  Turns out the wifi in my house has all the power of a pencil sharpener–the manual kind–which is why I kept getting left behind.  That won’t happen tonight because I’m going to my sister’s to do the chat.  She has GOOD wifi.

Even so, I really think the potential for embarrassment is even greater this time.

You see, I haven’t been sleeping well: in over three weeks, I haven’t slept through the night once.  I saw my doctor this week and she prescribed something to help me with the insomnia.

Now here’s where I prove my brilliance: I decided to try out this brand-new drug the night before I have to do this video chat.

And guess what?

It revved me up.  I mean, I was WIDE awake after taking it.  Like I’d had ten cups of coffee.  Except my eyes couldn’t focus when I tried to read so I couldn’t do anything but lie in bed and try to keep myself entertained with thoughts about how awful the next day was going to be on no sleep.  That turned out to be less fun than I’d hoped.

Eventually I reverted back to a sleep aid I’ve used before, which I don’t like to use because it leaves me feeling tired the next day, but at four a.m. I just wanted to stop being awake.  Unfortunately, it proved no match against the energizing effects of the stuff I’d taken earlier.  I got maybe three hours of sleep, all told, and finally got up feeling  . .   well . . . a little stoned, frankly.  I’m staying off the roads.  And I’ve vowed to go all natural from now on–if I’m awake, I’m awake.  No more pharmaceuticals.

But I am wondering how tonight’s video chat will play out.

So here’s the deal: click on the link to the video chat at 8 pm tonight (or 11 if you’re on the east coast) and ask me something embarrassingly personal.  I will be so out of it, so exhausted, so lightheaded and groggy, that I’m pretty sure I’ll let something slip that I shouldn’t.  It would also be a good time to ask me to pledge donations to your favorite charity, to do my (non-existent) John Wayne impression, and to chug all the juice from a pickle jar.  Just take advantage of me any way you want.

Of course, if you have a heart, you could just show up and ask me about my books.  That would be very kind of you.  Just remind me what they’re about . . .


Join American novelist/author Claire LaZebnik as she shares holiday insights around the importance of using humor in writing as the key to unlocking matters of family conflict and of the heart.

DATE: DEC. 1st, 2011
TIME: 8:00PM Pacific / 11:00PM EasternHow to join:
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