Late notice, but I’m going to be at the West Hollywood book fair today (Sunday, October 2) at 12:20 on the Teen Stage.  I’ll be introducing my “troupe” of teenage actors (my daughter and two friends) who are going to act out a very funny promo for EPIC FAIL that we all wrote together.  (But they wrote most of it.)  So long as we don’t all dissolve in giggles, it will be fantastic.  And even if we do all dissolve in giggles, it will be pretty great.

And Tuesday, October 4, I’ll be reading at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena at 7 pm.  I’ll be discussing both FAMILIES AND OTHER NONRETURNABLE GIFTS and EPIC FAIL.  If you can come, please do!  It’s a great bookstore and they’re incredibly nice there.

And if you’re in New York, the play I contributed to, MOTHERHOOD OUT LOUD, is in previews and opens on the same Tuesday night, October 4.  People are loving it.  I saw it last weekend with family and we all truly laughed and cried.  It’s an amazingly entertaining and engrossing show.  I only wrote a teeny-tiny bit of it and I’m just in awe of the other playwrights.


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