Live Blogging Tomorrow!

Come visit me on tomorrow at 5 p.m. eastern standard time, 2 p.m. pacific coast time (i.e. “my time”) when I’ll be answering questions about my recently published YA novel EPIC FAIL.  I’ll be taking on all sorts of subjects, ranging from how I write (here’s a spoiler: standing up), to whether I borrowed any of the details in Epic Fail from my own life (I’ll never tell–except tomorrow on the live blog), to what kind of pressure I felt in daring to update someone as brilliant and well-known as Austen (a lot).  You can submit questions ahead of time (same link) or just come join us while I’m online, blogging my little heart out.  PLEASE COME!  I don’t want to sit there all lonely and unasked.  Thanks!



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6 responses to “Live Blogging Tomorrow!

  1. Rosabeth

    Hi, Claire!!! I was on the inkpop chat. Is there any chance I could weasel a question or two out of you? If so… 😉
    1. Could you tell me some more about getting a signed bookplate?
    2. How do you write with humor without getting cheesy or cliche?

  2. Anonymous

    1. Send me a private email ( with your address and tell me how many bookplates you want and I’ll send them out to you.

    2. So long as you think about how real people talk to each other, you won’t get cheesy or cliched. Pay attention when you’re joking around with your friends–that’s the best way to get an ear for how people really tease each other in fond ways. Of course, when you write, you want it to be like the funniest conversation you and your friends ever had, and since you can work on it as much as you want, you can make it really good!

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry, Rosabeth–that anonymous comment was me. I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in!

  4. Claire

    wait, I’m still anonymous–hold on. I want to BE CLAIRE.

  5. Rosabeth

    😀 Thanks, Claire!!!!

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