In Mother Words

This is a shout-out to anyone in the L.A. area: go see In Mother Words at the Geffen Theater.  I’m not just saying that because I wrote a monologue for it–oh, by the way, I wrote a monologue for it–but because it’s a really fun evening of theater and would make the perfect Girls Night out Activity.  The cast is incredibly talented, as are the many writers.

This is from the LA Weekly review:

Simple staging and spirited acting grace this series of vignettes about motherhood. Conceived by Susan Rose and Joan Stein, the string of separate playlets by more than a dozen writers, including Beth Henley and Theresa Rebeck, gains unity in the hands of director Lisa Peterson, who arranges the material into thematic blocks. (Jan Hartley’s projection design and Emily Hubley’s animation design effectively move the story forward during scene transitions.) Bookended by stories about new moms and seasoned matriarchs, the smart material covers a pleasing variety of parenting terrain, from a mother parting with her war-bound son in Jessica Goldberg’s “Stars and Stripes” to a male couple searching for a surrogate in Marco Pennette’s “If We’re Using a Surrogate.” Though the four actors — Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Jane Kaczmarek, James Lecesne and Amy Pietz — perch on chairs in front of podiums much of the time, their collective connection with the material renders the staged-reading format a barely noticeable factor. Comedy underlines much of the show, but David Cale’s “Elizabeth,” a glimpse into the early stages of dementia, and Claire LaZebnik’s “Michael’s Date,” which lays out a mother’s dashed hopes for her autistic son, tug hard at the heart.

Oh, goodness, did I accidentally include a review that had a favorable mention of the piece I wrote?  How embarrassing.  Oh, well.  I guess I’ll have to live with it . . .

Seriously, grab a friend or two and go.  It’s a wonderful night of theater and it’s AT THE GEFFEN. For those of us on the West Side, it’s practically next door.  (And for you Goldstar fanatics–they’ve got it on their site.)


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  1. Sally

    That’s wonderful Claire. I wish I lived in LA.

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