I wonder how many people’s blog entries are entitled “Stuff”?  A lot, I bet.

A lot of people are writing blogs out there.  Which is part of the reason I’m going to be pulling back on this one.  (Sorry, Rachel.) I’ve never liked to be stuck in crowds.

The main reason, of course, is the realization that if I’m going to be sitting at the computer writing, I should be working on one of the novels that I’m on deadline for.  And as much as I enjoy exploring any topic I choose and being free to ruminate at my pace, there was a time when I wrote for magazines and actually got PAID to do that kind of thing and sometimes I do wonder what all of us writers are doing putting so much content out for free.  It does seem ultimately a little short-sighted.

But I do enjoy having some kind of a dialogue with friends and fans, and that’s why I’m trying to build up my Facebook page.  Please, please if you’re at all interested in what I’m up to or having a conversation with me, check out Claire LaZebnik Writes on Facebook.  It’s far more immediate and it’s easier for me to maintain.  I’ll be posting book release info, booksignings and random thoughts there.  I’ll try to post that kind of info here too but it’s a slower process and some days I just don’t get around to it.

Speaking of which, (and maybe I’ve mentioned this), I’ll be at Village Books in the Palisades on October 2nd, at Vroman’s in Pasadena on October 16, at the SoCal Writers’ Conference on Saturday, September 25th, and at the Corona Public Library on September 18 (which is soon!).  And for you east coasterners, I’ll be at The Bank of America Festival of Arts, Books & Culture at the Katz JCC on November 10th.  My new novel IF YOU LIVED HERE, YOU’D BE HOME NOW, is being released tomorrow for a pub date of September 27th.  That’s why all the activity.

I’ll try to post any important information on here, but if you need me, come on over to the Facebook page.  Oh, and once I get up to 200 likes, I’m doing another book contest giveaway so get your friends to come on over too and we’ll get to that contest faster.

See you there!



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2 responses to “Stuff

  1. 😦

    But I understand.

    I think one of the reasons writers have blogs like this is to build up their following before (and after) they’ve been published so that people will buy their books. That’s why I do it anyways!

    But Facebook is good for that, too!

  2. You’ve got a busy schedule there. Have fun. And I’ll pop over and visit on facebook.

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