Contest Begins on My Facebook Page!

So I reached 125 likes on my FB page and, because I am an honest, true, and faithful girl (Yes, Claire, you are.) (Thank you, little supportive voice in my head), I am launching my first book contest giveaway thingy!   If you’re interested in receiving a copy of ANY ONE OF MY BOOKS (including the non-fiction autism books I co-authored but excluding foreign translations because I only have like two of each of those), head over to my official Facebook page and join in.  You do have to be clever to win this time, but the next giveaway will be randomly generated because sometimes you’re just not in the mood to be creative.  (Next giveaway book contest thingy will be when I reach 150 likes.  but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).


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One response to “Contest Begins on My Facebook Page!

  1. I had so much fun writing my entry- though after seeing the others I realized how carried away I’d gotten…

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