Glad I’m Not the Only One

Apparently I’m not the only person who hates talking on the phone: I had more response to my previous post than any other I’ve written.  I guess I touched a nerve.  Who knew?  I thought my phone-loathing came out of my own personal agoraphobic, anti-social issues, but apparently a healthy majority of us resent the intrusiveness of a phone ring.

I’m wondering what other things that plague me might be more universal than I ever thought before.  I mean, obviously there are universals (unless you know someone who LOVES being stuck in traffic), but I want to think more about what weird phobias and issues I might have in common with all my readers.

Like . . . anyone else hate going out at night?  I’d rather be in jammies watching a TiVo’ed show than go almost anywhere, including fancy elegant soirees.  Especially fancy elegant soirees.  Anyone else?

I’ll keep fishing.

Meanwhile, for those who are interested in the Me who Writes about Autism sometimes, check out my interview with the very nice and talented Hartley Steiner on her blog today.



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9 responses to “Glad I’m Not the Only One

  1. I really hate cutting my own toenails. I mean I LOATHE it. Anyone else hate that?

  2. Julie Winn

    I hate unloading the silver tray in the dishwasher. Somehow the other stuff is more fun, but the silver tray is just a chore!

  3. that’s a good one, Julie

  4. – hate social outings, particularly in groups where I am expected to wear something cute and participate in meaningful, verbal conversation. I also hate staying out late.

    -hate eating fancy food.. I could live on yogurt, bagels, coffee, Extra chewing gum and turkey sandwiches..

    -hate going to spas. I also hate going to the hair or nail salon, although I do genuinely appreciate the necessary maintenance. I don’t want to chit chat. I don’t want a massage … I just want to get it over with.

    -hate going grocery shopping. Just hate it.

  5. PJ Douglas

    I’m with you Claire. I hate going out at night. My neighborhood book club meets on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Who wants to go out that late at night. I know it’s just around the corner, but by that time of night I’ve worked a full day, cooked dinner, hopefully spent some time on my treadmill and am getting ready to read/knit/watch tv.

  6. Claire

    My son wanted me to go get frozen yogurt with him and his cousin at 8 last night and I just gave him a look and said, “Do you know how hard it is to get me out of the house once it turns dark?” He gave up. (Although in retrospect, it’s kind of nice that my teenager actually WANTED me to come.) I hate a really late dinner out too. When people want to meet at 8 or later for dinner, I always groan inside. The kids eat around 6 or so and I usually snack enough so I’m not full at 8. And I hate going to bed feeling full. Bleah.

    Judith, I’m so with you on the hair and nails part: I’ve had maybe two manicures in my life and have no desire ever to get another one. And haircuts are a necessity, not a pleasure. But I do love a massage. I have maybe one a year at the most, and the rest of the time I daydream about fingers digging into my neck muscles. (That sounds oddly erotic but I swear it’s not.)

    And I’m with you on the plain foods thing. I don’t get spending a ton of money on food when I like almost anything in a food court.

    But you lose me on grocery shopping. I kind of love it.

  7. The grocery shopping is directly tied to my pure hate of cooking.

    Yes. I hate cooking. Hate it.

    For some reason I was ashamed to mention that on my earlier list. I’m also concerned my list is too long. I never realized how many things I hate.

  8. Claire

    Julie, everyone in my family hates unloading the dishwasher so I feel like I spend my entire life doing that, but you know what helps with the silverware? I just dump it all in a big vase in the middle of the table. I don’t bother to sort it out and I don’t put it in a drawer. It’s all there when we need it. Elegant, no, but useful, yes. Saves time. And while we’re talking about dishwashers, how’s this for crazy? Making lasagna in there while you do your dishes.

  9. Claire

    I actually like cooking, Judith–especially baking. I could (and sometimes do) bake every day. It’s therapeutic. And I look forward to pouring myself a glass of wine and pulling dinner together at 5 (although I hate figuring out what to eat and making sure we have all the ingredients). It’s the pouring the glass of wine that’s the trick, of course. But I hate hate hate cleaning up afterwards. Does anyone like doing dishes?

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