Did a Radio Interview

I have a weird voice

The couple of times I’ve done radio interviews, the main thing I’ve gotten out of it is what a weird voice I have.  High and squeaky.   I go into a sort of adrenalin-rush hazy state when I’m talking, so I always wonder if I said anything coherent or just sounded like a crazy woman.  

Last night, I did an interview for Autism Talk Radio and I’m hopeful I didn’t COMPLETELY sound insane.  I know we covered a lot of topics so, with any luck, I actually remembered and passed on some of the amazing advice Dr. Koegel gives in our book Growing Up on the Spectrum.

 Autism Talk Radio interviews are available through iTunes and via their website.  Here’s what the host has to say about it:

There is a brand-new episode of Autism Talk Radio available by refreshing your iTunes or listening directly on our website.

On today’s show, we feature a fascinating interview with author ClaireLaZenik. Claire LaZebnik is the co-author, with Dr. Lynn Kern Koegel PhD, of two books about autism, Overcoming Autism: Finding the Answers, Strategies and Hope That Can Transform a Child’s Life (Viking/Penguin) and the recently published

Growing Up on the Spectrum: A Guide to Life, Love, and Learning for Teenagers and Young Adults with Asperger’s and Autism (Viking/Penguin).

On today’s show, you’ll discover:

>>Specific methods for working with kids on the spectrum in terms of achieving life skills

>>Keys to successful friendship, dating/love, improving daily life for those on the spectrum

>>What you need to know about teaching issues pertaining to sexuality

>>How to recognize and exploit your child’s strengths in difficult social settings

>>What to expect post-college: jobs, housing, managing monthly payments, marriage/relationships

One episode at a time,

Steve Prussack

Host of Autism Talk Radio


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