10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

All of which I have said to mine.   Some of them more than once.

As my sister Nell likes to say, it’s a little bit funny and a little bit sad . . .

10. “I just assumed you were doing your homework all this time . . .”
9. “I am so fat.”
8. “Oh, please.  It can’t possibly hurt that much.”
7. “Just eat the sesame seeds–they won’t kill you.”  (This one deserves an explanation: my youngest son has always hated sesame seeds and refused to eat anything containing them.  We just found out he’s wildly allergic to sesame after years of my telling him to just eat the damn things.)
6. “Not now. Maybe later.”
5. “I hate my life.”
4. “It doesn’t matter what the other kids are wearing.”
3.  “Don’t worry about whether it’s good or not.  Just get it done.”
2. “You’re not even trying.”
1. “Just let me check my e-mail first.”

Feel free to add any . . .


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