Book Club Guide for The Smart One and the Pretty One

Fun questions to discuss with your group

A few months before The Smart One and the Pretty One was published, I wrote an entire book club guide for it that was supposed to be bound into the final book.  For some reason, it wasn’t, but I wanted to make sure people knew the guide was available online at the Hachette website.  I’m also going to post it on the SOPO page of this blog.  (I’d like to provide the link, but something about this particular design only seems to have one url, so just click on The Smart One and the Pretty One at the top of the home page, please.  Any computer experts out there know why the url doesn’t change for the different pages?  It does on my other blog, Bookstore People, which you should check out if you haven’t!)

Boy, I really got off track there.  Anyway, the book guide is meant to prompt fun discussions about your own lives and what you do or don’t relate to in the novel and what you think might happen to the characters in the future–my book ain’t Crime and Punishment, nor is it meant to be, so you’re probably not going to sit around debating morality and philosophy.  But I hope you enjoy reading it and might want to share it with some friends. 


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