The Art of Blogging

New blog design

By “art of blogging,” I mean literally that–I changed the artwork and the design.  It was really tough, creative, exhilerating work. 

No, actually, I just clicked through a bunch of different themes on wordpress and picked this one.

I really loved the artwork on the old design–the “girl in green” who looked kind of like how I wish I looked.  She was darkhaired and small like me, but her stomach was flat and she was cool.

I am not cool and my stomach is not flat (four kids, remember?).   So I liked looking at the Girl in Green and thinking that maybe people would assume I looked like her.

But I was finding the blog hard to read.  I’m hitting That Age–the one where you start squinting really hard at the writing on the backs of Advil bottles and kids always seem to be talking too loudly.  (Although I still like to turn up the volume on a good song–hope I never get too old for that.)  And that green on green writing on the old blog design just seemed hard on the eyes to me.

Oh, and the different pages are easier to find on this one.  If you’re trying to look up info on a specific book of mine, you can do it more easily.

I hope you like this new design.  Let me know what you think.  Or don’t.  You’re probably very busy and have better things to do with your time than stroking my ego and telling me that my blog is purty.  But if you’re looking for a way to waste two minutes, feel free to contribute!

Pretty soon I hope to be adding links to some other blogs.  If you’re reading this one and have a blog of your own, send me your link and I’ll happily add it, unless it’s like child pornography or something.

(Watch now: I’ll get the people who are looking for “child pornography” stumbling across this on a Google search.  On the plus side: more readers!)

Back to my weekend activities, i.e. eating too much and trying to figure out which errands most need to be done.



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3 responses to “The Art of Blogging

  1. Kim

    Much, much easier to read for these old eyes!

  2. I like the new design, but I miss the girl in green. I though it really was you, until I saw it somewhere else as well. I love to read your thoughts, whatever design they are in!

  3. Claire

    I like that you thought she was me! I wish . . . But we had to save poor Kim’s “old eyes.”

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