I’m a Loser

I did it again: I forgot to write something on the calendar and scheduled something else and ended up scrambling today, trying desperately to reconcile the fact that I was committed to two equally important things at exactly the same time and there was no graceful way to solve it–and that it was one hundred percent MY OWN FAULT.  Can’t even blame my husband for this one, although it’s always worth a try . . .

Please tell me I’m not the only person who does this. 

The part that kills me is that I seem to have no learning curve where this stuff is concerned.  The calendar is always somewhere far away from me when I get schedules for school activities and stuff like that, so I always put the paperwork aside, thinking, “I’ll just add that to the calendar the next time I go downstairs” (or upstairs or wherever the calendar is that I’m not).

And then I forget about it.

Or I keep seeing the papers and keep thinking, “Right, got to do that” and don’t.  And the thing is–I can’t AFFORD not to stay on top of things.  I have four kids and a writing career and a busy husband and twelve hundred million pets and if I’m not organized, everything spirals out of control.

And I’m not organized.

If it weren’t for the kindness, sympathy, and understanding of my closest girlfriends, I really think I’d just curl up into a fetal position one day and they’d find me there, hours later, paralyzed into a large, pale, yellowish shrimp (ew).  Fortunately I have friends who claim to make as many mistakes as I do–I suspect they’re lying just to be nice and are really all much better organized and less doofusish than I am–although there’s a special place in my heart for my friend S. who one day told me that at HER kids’ school parties, she’s now only allowed to bring “the items that won’t ruin the party if they never arrive” because she had let them down one too many times.

And I’m even more grateful to the mom who’s running tomorrow’s event that I forgot to note down, who just told me not to stress about it anymore because they had enough moms even without me.   She could have made me feel bad about having to cancel and she didn’t.  Which is inspiring: let’s all cut each other some slack, okay? 

Disorganized, Incoherent Moms (DIMs) unite!  Let’s celebrate our mutual and sustaining support with a Mom’s Lunch Out next week.  Shall we say Wednesday?

Where’s that calendar?


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