Proof that One Man’s Happiness is Another’s Despair

So I walked into the bedroom where the cat and dog were sleeping on the bed together and, as I entered, the big yellow dog started wagging his tail with happiness at seeing me, only because he was lying on the bed it was more of a “thwap-thwap-thwap” and the poor cat who was lying right behind him jumped to his feet because he was getting thwapped right in the face and just froze there for a second, terrified, as this big yellow THING kept whipping at him over and over again and crouched there, trying to make sense of it, and then gave up and darted away and jumped desperately to the floor where he scuttled under the bed and remains, still in hiding.

So . . . the dog’s happiness at seeing me instantly translated into the cat’s pain and panic.  There’s definitely a lesson in there.  Maybe even a moral. 

(Quote from my son: Mom, why do all your stories have to have morals?)


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