I did something very unme.  I dragged Will to the mall (okay, that’s very me) but then I went right to Nordstrom’s shoe department–the fancy “salon” one–and bought myself an incredibly beautiful pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes while Will sat and read Sea of Trolls.  Nordstrom was having their “pre-season” sale so I went right to the sale table, of course (I was brought up to do that).  The shoes I fell in love with have very high narrow heels (which brings up the question of whether I can actually walk in them.  I think I can, I think I can) and enormous black bows over the instep.  The color I loved best was the gray flannel but they didn’t have that so I tried on the black patent leather–a little stiff but admittedly a useful color–and then a satin one in what I thought in the store was pink, but turned out to be fuschia/almost purple when I brought them home.  And yes I brought them home!  I was practically cuddling them all afternoon.  Since I was wearing broken Crocs (lost the bar that holds your heels in place on both of them), the contrast between my daily life and the life I imagine I’ll have in these shoes is pretty funny.  But when The Smart One and the Pretty One is published, I have a bunch of book-related events and since there’s this whole storyline about pretty shoes (and girls who don’t always wear them–like me), how much fun will it be to show up in THESE???



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